We would love to talk with you about your goals and see if we are a good fit for working together.

Our process is comprised of 1/2 and 1 day sessions, both in your existing wardrobe and shopping for new items.

All packages involve a preparation assignment, bespoke session planning, pre- shopping research, and follow up advice and further links.

The number and length of sessions you require in your package will depend on your existing wardrobe, budget and what you're looking to achieve working with a stylist.

For example, you may have a specific short term goal that needs addressing, such as a 'returning to work' wardrobe following maternity leave, or you may be time poor and interested establish an ongoing relationship with a stylist. 

Packages start from £2000 + VAT, working with one of our team of associate stylists, and a minimum of £2000 is suggested to invest in shopping for your new items.

Lizzie works with a select number of clients each season, and the investment is higher. She only has capacity to take on couple of new clients each season, and they are usually senior female leaders, lawyers, executives, business owners, or those seeking a senior leadership or high profile role. 

For any other business enquiries, or if there are no times available that suit, please use the contact page.

After you have read Is This You? and How We Work, on the calendar below please select one of the available (dark numbered) dates, and a suitable time when you have an uninterrupted 30-40 minutes available.

Lizzie will call you on the number you provide. If you are overseas, you will be given details the phone number to call.