How We Work

Over a number of sessions we create an authentic, effortless wardrobe


How We Work

Over a number of sessions we create an authentic, effortless wardrobe


Our clients are ambitious, and therefore serious about achieving a turnaround in their wardrobe and style, but through lack of time, interest, or know-how seek professional help to get it done in an efficient and enjoyable way.


With each new client we offer a service made up of a combination of sessions, detailed below, that take place both in the wardrobe and shopping for new items. Packages include a preparation assignment, as well as bespoke session planning, pre shopping research and planning, and follow up advice and links.

What you require will depend on your existing wardrobe, and your goals. We aim to get your wardrobe transformed with immediate results.

If after reading the following pages you would like to discuss your requirements, please do get in touch and arrange a call with Lizzie who will choose the perfect stylist and package with you.


We will need to have a chat with you to find out about your situation, and to advise you more accurately about the most suitable option for your needs. 


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Style & WARDROBE Review

is where we get to know you and your style, gaining a very clear picture of where you are at and where you want to go



Style & WARDROBE Review

is where we get to know you and your style, gaining a very clear picture of where you are at and where you want to go




This session is where we really get to know you, enabling us to gain a very clear picture of what is required to get the best results from your shopping and styling session.


The session is made up of the following elements, depending on goals and priorities:

  • Conduct a thorough initial assessment, style enquiry and review, discovering who you are, today and the image you currently portray, and what adjustments may be required.


  • See what you already have - what works, what doesn't and what we need to add to a priority shopping list.


  • Understand you, your lifestyle, body shape and self-image and learn more about your current shopping habits, teaching you what works and why.
  • Using your existing wardrobe, begin educating you on how to dress in the most flattering way


  • Advise you on the best way to organise your wardrobe


  • Leave you with an uncluttered wardrobe ready to be refreshed with some lovely new items


  • Look at possible alterations to existing garments, and pin suitable items

We gain a clear understanding of where you are in your life, your current style, and where we are going to take you. We will be totally honest, but kind and tactful and our primary objective is to get you feeling and looking great.

All stylists are based in London, but travel all over the country, and overseas on request, to meet clients in their homes to undertake wardrobe review sessions.


you can hear what our clients have to say here


From here, the next step is a personal shopping session.  

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Personal Shopping

is where together we begin to create the perfect wardrobe for your lifestyle and goals

Personal Shopping

is where together we begin to create the perfect wardrobe for your lifestyle and goals


Following the wardrobe session your stylist will undertake pre shopping research and plan the session in advance so your time together is spent wisely. Where suitable, and if possible, we will book exclusive use of a personal shopping suite to make the session more relaxed.




  • Try brands and styles that you may have previously overlooked or disregarded.


  • Enjoy shopping as the usual stresses are taken care of.


  • Learn how to dress in your own personal style and for your shape.


  • Learn new tips and get advice on how to shop.


  • Get new ideas on where to shop and go home with an authentic stylish, effortless and wearable wardrobe 


  •  Learn why things work or now, through seeing different items on you

We aim to make the personal shopping and styling experience relaxed and fun – the objective is to get you new items that are easy to wear and make you look and feel great.


You will learn a lot, have fun and buy some fantastic new items


Shopping sessions take place in Central London, except by special arrangement.



From here, the next step is an outfit building session.  

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Outfit Building

means you always leave the house looking put together 

Outfit Building

means you always leave the house looking put together 


In this additional session your stylist can work on putting together outfits so you have a clear idea of what goes with what, and gain confidence about how your wardrobe works together. 


This session usually follows a personal shopping trip, for in between seasons, and is especially useful for clients who already have plenty of clothes and require help making the most of what they have, creating outfits and highlighting missing pieces to make it all work more efficiently.



  • A clear idea of what items work together - saving you time and stress in the morning or when packing for a trip.


  • A range of options and increased confidence in your look.
  • A digital photographic record of your best outfits for easy reference.


  • Know what specific items are required to pull outfits together.

This session follows on from shopping, if you want to look put together every day, but don’t want to have to think about it.


Every client is different and requires a different combination of sessions, so get in touch to set up a call so we can discuss your personal situation and advise you accordingly.



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Our Style Confidence Packages

Although our clients are similar in many ways, their current wardrobe situation, goals and budget vary dramatically. For this reason we are not able to give details of fees and investment amounts without first having a conversation with you.


Maybe you currently have very few clothes, or want to completely start a fresh, and therefore the wardrobe session is shorter and more time is required in the shops and putting new outfits together.

You may have a wardrobe of great clothes already, but are looking to have a sort out and gain clarity on what you own to find out what is still working. You'll require a longer wardrobe session and less time shopping.

If you are looking to update both your casual and work wardrobes this will usually require a more than one session, and is ideally built up over a few months.

Once we have created the foundations for a wardrobe that works, we then encourage you to work seasonally with top up sessions at intervals of anything from once a season to once every couple of years. 



Packages with one of our senior stylists start from £1295 + VAT, with a suggested minimum shopping budget of £1000.

These session and shopping amounts are a minimum guide. 

Most women we work with are established in a career and therefore not shopping at the cheap end of the high street. Many clients are looking for a wardrobe overhaul and therefore require substantially more investment than this.


Working with Lizzie

Due to high demand and limited availability, I can only work with a limited number of clients.


My clients are often board members and CEO's, or those that are aiming to take on a senior or high profile role. There is often a waiting list, as I can only take on new clients when my diary allows. 

If you are interested in working with me, or one of my senior stylists or would like to discuss my current availability, please do get in touch to book a phone call so I can find out about your goals and your situation.



Would you also like some help and advice on make up?

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Make Up

Looking polished and groomed is essential for women in business

Make Up

Looking polished and groomed is essential for women in business


Please don't shoot the messenger, but research shows that women who wear make up are paid more, respected more and promoted more.


All our clients are interested in looking their best, and many are seeking individually tailored, non-biased make up advice.  They fear looking overly ‘made up’ and a make up routine taking time they don't have to spare in the morning. 

What they want is everyday, quick, natural makeup, with knowledge of how to 'add more' if they need to for an evening out or a special event. 

Our make up artist specialises in everyday, natural make up, to enhance your features and teach you to make the best of what you’ve got, in the smallest amount of time! 


You will learn how to make the most of the makeup you may already own, learn which products are best for you, and advise on what new products and brushes to buy.




"I felt I needed help with makeup because I’ve never really learned how to use it properly. Kit was great because she took me back to the beginning, and helped me with everything from moisturiser, through every day makeup, up to crazy eyeshadow for parties.

I learned a couple of key things: first, how to apply different types of makeup, and which ones actually make a difference. I also got great tips on which brands to buy for which types of makeup.

And more than anything she gave me confidence to start trusting my own judgement, so not only did she help me buy makeup on the day, but since then I’ve gone out and bought other things to experiment with, and I’m genuinely enjoying putting makeup on now – which is a big change"


Alex A, 35, Financial Services



We offer 2 exclusive Make Up sessions:


Personal Makeup Consultation

3 hours at a Central London salon, or at your home*


Ever looked in your makeup bag and wondered why that eyeshadow you fell in love with at the counter is still un-opened, or feel frustrated that you wear the same lipstick shade day and night, whether your doing the school run or going to a party

Update or learn makeup techniques, get a makeup bag overhaul, colour and specific recommended product advice, and have new makeup looks specifically designed for you - natural, daytime, evening and red carpet show stopper.

You come away feeling confident and with a new makeup outlook.

*depending on location

Makeup Masterclass

5 hours at a Central London location


With so many products to choose from, and pressure to buy, department store beauty halls and specialist makeup shops can be daunting.  

Get out of a makeup rut with an in-depth and informative makeup masterclass, teaching you the beauty basics, how to apply different make up looks, and learning how to recreate the best trends for you, on you. 

First you will have a consultation and a look at what you already own, what you need to buy, and what you want to learn.

Kit will then choose products, cosmetics, brushes and skincare according to your budget and needs. Without focusing on one particular brand you will receive unbiased advice on what products will really work for you, backed by her professional experience.

This exclusive session includes a shopping trip to buy your make up and brushes, sometimes available at reduced rates available just to professionals. Then head back to the salon to learn how to use them to create the looks you want, and make the most of your new products. You will have an opportunity to use and practice what you have learned with your new products and Kit's guidance so you can recreate the looks confidently at home.

Your new makeup bag will be versatile and work according to your requirements, so you need never make expensive beauty mistakes again.

Unfortunately we are only able to offer these make up sessions as part of our packages to clients


Please get in touch if you would like to enquire about a styling package with a make up session, or you can read about some of our clients.