First impressions count. 

Whether you’re walking into an important meeting, a party or arriving for a date, making a great first impression is crucial for the success of how things will work out. Research, by Tricia Prickett, found that when respondents were asked to watch a video of an interview taking place, they were able to predict who would get the job in just 15 seconds, purely based on that first impression. 

A handshake and how a person looks and holds themselves could be all they need to make that decision. 

There are ways you can boost your first impression. One way to do it, is to adopt a ‘power posing’ approach. According to research by social psychologist Amy Cuddy of Harvard Business School, and made world famous by her TED talk, you strike a ‘strong pose’, where you “take up as much space as possible”. Levels of testosterone rise, and cortisol levels drop. Therefore, you’ll notice an increase in confidence which could lead to a more successful interview or date, and coming across as confident and warm is a great combination when it comes to success. 

With first impressions being so important, how we dress can’t be overlooked. Turning up for a formal meeting with a corporate client in jeans, or heading out for a date in clothes that look like they’ve been pulled straight out of the dirty washing basket, will definitely make a first impression -just not necessarily the first impression you want to make. 

If you’re struggling with what you should wear for that important occasion, you’re in the right place! 

I can help you build a wardrobe that enables you to make the perfect first impression, whatever the occasion, and whether you need to wear something professional but trendy for an ad agency meeting, or wow everyone at a school reunion. I know it’s important that you feel confident and comfortable in what you wear - while making a stylish first impression.