The colour of an item of clothing is not just about whether it looks good on you or not.

You’ll find lots of references about how colour can be very healing, give you emotional support as well has help you express yourself. When you next buy something, consider choosing a colour for the qualities associated with it. 


Navy says confidence, power, and authority. It encourages wisdom and self-reliance. When you want to be taken seriously and be recognised for your knowledge, navy is a good choice, which is why it’s such a great choice for business. 


The emotional tone of white is sincere, fresh and hopeful. Wear it when you want others to know they can rely on you. A crisp white shirt is an obvious choice but also consider wearing it in a jumper, or a wool skirt or coat. 


Black is not the best colour for a lot of people, but it is pretty unavoidable. It says elegance, sophistication, high authority and formality. It can also be mysterious and sensual. Wear it when you want to command authority or look like you have it together. 


Wear brown if you have brown eyes, and want to send the message that you are approachable, stable, genuine, and persevering. Wear brown and people around you know they can count on you to meet a deadline, or get your part of the project completed successfully. Use it in your accessory items in handbags, belts and shoes if you have brown hair.


There is a red for everyone. It is the colour that exudes energy, determination, excitement, and passion. Use it as your power tool, but be ready to deliver what’s expected of you, and more. Wear a red dress or jacket and people will be impressed by your confidence. Wear red in a skirt, trousers, or shoes if feeling a little less bold but want to make a statement.


This colour is nurturing and rejuvenating. It’s peaceful to be around, friendly and kind.  Wear it when you could use some sustaining energy. It’ll encourage you and others at the same time, you just need to find the right tone and resonance for your personality and colouring.


Blue conjures up stability, professionalism, trust, and reliability and conveys good communication, and honesty. When you need to be the voice of reason, or the mediator in a tense situation, wear blue. It’s soothing and calming. 


Yellow is fun yet comforting, lively, optimistic, and attention grabbing. If you want people around you to feel happy and energetic, wear yellow. It goes best with grey,or white, as can look a bit ‘bumble bee’ with black.

I’d love to help you make great colour choices! Give me a call and we can focus on what looks right on you but also what will align with your personal goals.

Lizzie Edwards is a Personal Stylist, Image Consultant and Executive Presence trainer in London, UK.