Trends may look great coming down the catwalk on a skinny teenage model, but how relevant are they on someone forty or beyond? Women 'our age' have different needs, goals and bodies than they do.

So what’s going to work for us this season? Plenty! There’s some great trends and styles out there for women over 40. Here are some items that may be good autumn investments. 

The Chelsea boot

The Chelsea boot is classic, easy to wear for most people’s personal style and it will even fit orthotics or insoles. This boot can be paired with slim-fitting or classic trousers. The Chelsea boot looks modern without trying too hard and it can work in your wardrobe for years. 

Flared Trousers

I can't believe i'm writing this, as I have spend years persuading women out of bootcut jeans and into skinnies! They’ve had a very long run and they aren’t going away, but flared styles have been reintroduced. The shape is very kind to curves. The width at the bottom balances a fuller hip and can help make your legs look longer if work with a heel. Be sure to keep the hem as long as it can be for the full effect. 

Military-style coat

A military style coat (or jacket) is on trend without being trendy. The straight shoulder lines of a military coat are perfect for giving definition to your shoulder line. Contrast that line to a bathrobe style coat, which could accentuate sloping shoulders and add extra, unwanted volume to your frame. This military jacket is a classic. This season has options in different colours and lengths.

A column of flattering colour

You may have settled into separates, wearing one colour on top and another on the bottom. However a column of colour is striking. No matter which colour you choose, you’ll look confident, assured, and distinctive.  Black is easy but how about going head-to-toe in a spice colour: cinnamon, paprika, brown sugar, or spice-plum. Or go for the rich gem tones: malachite, emerald, sapphire, ruby, or blue topaz. Or go for classics: red, white, black, or navy. If you don’t know your best current colours, I can help!

Long, large pendant

A pendant does great things for your figure. On a long chain or a cord, a pendant naturally lengthens your body. It brings the focus of attention to the interior of your frame. This is a great accessory to add style to any outfit. Don’t go small. Make a statement with a bold pendant. 


Dresses are in abundance for autumn, and friendly fitting as well. The chemise dress creates straight lines that lengthen the body. The fit and flare dress is tapered in the upper body with an A-line ease in the skirt. This style works to balance the hip and slim the lower body. A jersey knit column dress is great under a jacket, cardigan, or caplet. A belted shirt-style dress emphasises the waist yet is easy and comfortable to wear. 


There is a skirt style that will flatter your figure. You can go with a pencil skirt or a full one; long or short.  A long skirt can be stylish and comfortable. Pair it with a Chelsea boot for an easy and relaxed look. For a festive look later in the season, find a decorative skirt that is sequinned or has embellished details.


Leather remains a big trend again this year, and is a great investment piece. New technology creates lightweight, supple quality leather that has the ability to have more volume, movement and flow, unlike the stiff leathers from the past. A leather pencil skirt or skinny jeans are more wearable than you may think, so don't think you are too old for them!

If you have a hard time navigating trends or difficulty finding clothes that are age-appropriate and flattering to your body shape, get in touch! There are some great options this season for the more mature among us.

Lizzie Edwards is a Personal Stylist, Image Consultant and Executive Presence trainer in London, UK.