What’s the big deal about creating a lasting impression?

I really want to help you become aware of the difference dressing with intention can make to a great lasting impression. Here are some examples.

You've just got a job or promotion that’s going to increase your visibility, either in your company or put you in the public eye. Where you used to walk around incognito, now it’s more important to ditch the cheap jeans and boring T-shirts that were ok for you before, and step your appearance up a notch. Even when you’re not at work. Your reputation benefits from looking good, even casually on your day off. You ever know who you'll bump into in Waitrose or at your child's football game.

You’re going through a transition. It could be that you’re recently divorced, you've gone self employed or changed business sectors. You knew how to dress in your old life, but things have changed. In this new chapter, on a date or in a new business meeting, what would you want people to know about you before you even open your mouth? Are you creative, fun to be with, excited about life? Dressing in 5 year old suit or Banana Republic jeans won’t tell that story. Look for ways to put an outfit together that conveys your new message, and be consistent about it. 

You’ve spent years taking care of other important things: finances, paying back debt, making home improvements. You haven’t spent much thought on the impression you’re putting out there in the world. It’s not unusual, but it's now time to invest in yourself. It’s a sign of self-respect to take care of yourself and your image. Instead of waiting one more month, which becomes one more year, consider learning how to dress in a way that pleases you and shows people who you are. It’s great for your inner self, but your family and friends will benefit too, as you'll feel good and have increased confidence.

Avoid sinking to the lowest level of dressing. Life has got more and more casual but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress in a meaningful way. Its become to easy to stay a day in your gym gear. If you go to the gym first thing in the morning, change out of your kit as soon as you finish, even if you're running errands or working from home. You'll feel more productive as getting dressed each day with intention raises your energy level and productivity.

If you’ve been putting thought into how you dress on a part-time basis, consider making it more full time. If you are essentially a very casual person, thats fine. You can wear really nice jeans and a nice hoodie, and make considered choices about the colour and cut even of these weekend items. There really is so much enjoyment that can come from caring about your appearance, and it leaves others with a great impression of you.

We can help you realise your personal style and show you how you can dress in a way that brings you pleasure every day. Get in touch and we can do this together.

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