We all know how the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

But even though this saying is as old as time, the world still hasn’t quite embraced this principle and the way we present ourselves remains as relevant as ever.

Dressing for success means paying attention to your personal style and clothing in an effort to reap the benefits that come with looking good. The list below talks about some of many reasons to get your wardrobe in top shape.

1.       Make a good first impression:
Science says that our minds decide all sorts of things about people within seconds of meeting them. Are they trustworthy? Competent? Likeable? Respected? This means that every new client or colleague you may encounter, is subconsciously making all these decisions about you too - decisions about you that stick with them and determine the way they see you from that point onwards. Whether we like it or not, these first impressions are vital in the corporate world, and play a major role in your overall professional success.

2.       Boost your confidence:
I’m sure we have all experienced the assurance and poise that comes with wearing a power outfit. When you are proud and comfortable with your outer presentation, your confidence levels are bumped up a notch giving you the self-assurance you need to succeed.

3.       Increase productivity
You’re at your laziest when you’re in your comfort zone. Ditching the jeans and t-shirt look and stepping into a professional and stylish outfit will get you motivated and in turn, make you more productive. When you look the part, you’ll want to play the part.

4.       People will take you seriously and trust in your abilities
Dress how you want to be addressed. Being well-presented naturally makes you more approachable to others. Upping your corporate style game will make you appear more senior and command more respect from those around you.

5.       Competitive edge
Whether you’re applying for a new job, dealing with potential clients, or working hard to get ahead, dressing to impress can give you the added edge you need that separates you from others and shows your individuality.

It’s clear that the way you look plays a large part in getting ahead in the working world. Lizzie Edwards Style Consultancy offers wardrobe and style transformations for professionals over 35, helping you to make your style journey an easy and enjoyable one.

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