The truth is no one is a 'normal size', and most women have something about their shape or size they wish was different.

If thats you, here are a few tips to help you find clothes that help you feel balanced, in proportion, and happier with the way you look.



Incase you were wondering, in fashion retail terms 'Petite' generally means 5 Ft 3" and under. But sometimes petite sizing is not right for you even if you’re under 5’3”. You may be long in the torso or broader in the shoulders and non-petite sizes could be a better fit, but if a brand you like offers the option and you are on the shorter side, its definitely worth a try.

Try out wearing a fuller skirt or wide trousers, and then add a fitted fine knit top or blouse. Highlighting one part of your body with a closer fitting piece and letting another part of the body wear volume is figure flattering and creates some shape, where as all tight or all loose is likely to be less flattering. 

Taller people will be looking down at you from above if you’re petite. Make sure you check your clothes from the above angle, and make any adjustments to the amount of cleavage you reveal, especially in business wear.

When petite, you need to make sure your clothes to overwhelm you. Don’t let long billowy or long sleeves take over your frame. Sleeves down to the knuckle can leave you looking like a teenager who needs to grow into their clothes! Roll sleeves up to the bracelet length,which is really flattering, and have them altered.  

If your skinny jeans or slim trousers bunch at the ankle, your look will never appear to be refined. Either roll up a narrow jean or hem a narrow trouser so it shows your ankles and wear an open flat shoe or heel. It’s good to show some skin!

When you’re wearing knee-length or shorter skirts, keep the colour of your tights the same as your boots.

Try layering. Creating different 'lines' in a look keeps the eye moving around the whole outfit. A well 'put together' outfit shows some personality, which for me is more important than your shape.



If you’re 5’9” or taller, look for clothes made for a taller frame. A few brands offer clothes that are specially proportioned for you, but there will be items that will work for you outside of that. Here are a few tips for you. 

If standard jeans ride above your ankle, turn the cuff up as its currently a fashion forward length. 

Look out for jackets that have sleeves that are three-quarter length or alter them to be three-quarter length or role them up if it suits the jackets style. It is a great length for summer and can really make an outfit look more refined and elegant, and more decisive than a sleeve length thats just a little bit short.

Break up your height and the outfit by using different colour blocks or a pattern in each different item.

If a jacket is too short or cropped, add a longer blouse or T-shirt under it. Lots of my clients struggle with this look as its been ingrained in them its wrong, but tops hanging lower than jackets or cardigans is a current look so make the most if it.


Here are some fashion tips that are relevant to all sizes.

If there are parts of you that you are less than happy with, be sure there’s plenty of interest in your outfit from the waist up. The intention is to bring attention to your face, which is your communication centre so wear interesting earrings or a necklace.

I cannot stress this enough. Regardless of your shape, get the perfect fit by taking your clothes to a tailor. It is worth the effort and can turn a high street item into a designer looking piece. For example, baggy sleeves on a jacket, blouse or dress can add unwanted width. A simple alteration is to trim the sleeves to get rid of the extra volume.

Try on everything, and if you shop online, try the clothes on right away and return the ones that don’t fit immediately!

I am here to help you find the right fit. I have several resources that may suit your size from brick and mortar stores to online stores. I’m happy to help you make this easier so please get in touch.