There’s a common misconception about personal stylists and what we do. Many people are under the impression that personal stylists are only needed by Hollywood’s A-listers who frequent the red carpet and get snapped daily by Paparazzi.

This is not the case. Personal stylists do more than just outfit building for the social elite. At Lizzie Edward’s Style Consultancy, we specialise in creating effortless, up to date wardrobes for women over 35. We’re focused on helping you gain confidence in your style.

Our services include wardrobe and style reviews, personal shopping, outfit building, make-up guidance and corporate image consulting services.

Personal Stylists Get Results

Our stylists can help you get the results you are looking for. Here are some of the results you’ll realise with a personal stylist:

·         Look stylish and appear years younger

·         Increase your self-confidence and improve the way you feel about yourself

·         Love the clothes you’re wearing and feel proud of your image

·         Learn which clothing items work for you and what flatters your body shape

·         Have an organised and functional wardrobe that’s easy to dress from

·         Feel comfortable going shopping and stop that feeling of being overwhelmed for good

Wardrobe and Style Review

A wardrobe and style review aims to get to know you and your style in order to get a good understanding of where you’d like us to take your image. This is where your personal stylist will really get to know you and the way you want to portray yourself. Your stylist will also want to go through what you currently have in your cupboard, and do a thorough audit of what should stay and what should be forgotten! This will help them create a priority shopping list. They will also use this time to teach you about fits, your body shape, shopping habits and about what works and why. If there are any suitable items that need to be tailored, these will be identified here. At the end of a wardrobe and style review, you’ll have an organised, clutter-free cupboard, ready and waiting for some new stylish items to it call home.

You can read more about our wardrobe and style review sessions here.

Personal Shopping

This is where you and your perfect wardrobe first meet. Your personal stylist will have done pre-shopping research before hitting the shops with you so that your time and money are spent wisely. (Our stylists will book exclusive shopping suites to make your sessions more enjoyable!) During a shopping session, your stylist will show you various brands you may have previously disregarded, give you tips and advice on how to shop, give you new ideas on where to shop and help you understand how to dress for your own personal style and shape. Personal shopping is stress-free, fun and extremely worthwhile – you’ll love every new item you bring home!

Find out more about what our personal shopping sessions involve here.

Outfit Building

Ever struggled to put together a stylish outfit? Join the club. It’s often very difficult to pair your items of clothing together, even if you’ve invested in a great wardrobe. You might be finding it tough to get the overall outfit looking effortless. A personal stylist will have a session with you to help you understand which items work well together as well as give you a range of options with a photographic record for easy reference.

Learn more about our outfit building sessions here.

Sessions with Lizzie Edwards Style Consultancy

Looking to improve your style and gain confidence in your appearance? Personal stylists are for anyone looking to nail that first impression, be taken seriously in a professional environment or simply feel happy with the way they present themselves.

Take the pain out of dressing and get comfortable with your personal style so that you can focus on what’s important in your life. Book a session with one of our stylists or get in touch for more info.