I was stuck in my old wardrobe routine, and I wasn't happy with what I saw in the mirror every day. Being at home during the day with the children it is easy to completely let yourself go!  I was in need of a kind of therapy for my self esteem!! I needed someone to help me come out of myself.

I loved the preparation work before the wardrobe review, with the mood boards and questions. It was a thorough study of my needs and actual situation. I realised that my wardrobe was not adapted to my day to day lifestyle.

I loved the feeling of luxury on the shopping day, and all the preparation work that Lizzie did. I was able to try lots of clothes and completely recreate my wardrobe. This would have been impossible on my own, because it would have been time consuming and I don't know the stores. Lizzie has this sharp experienced eye to target your style to be just perfect!

As a result, I have a complete wardrobe that I can use; smaller but more effective. I can dress faster and the result is always good, no faux pas.

I now know which brands works for me, I am more confident in what I like, I have had good feed back.

I would definitely recommend doing this a minimum of twice a year!! It is very expertised work, and if you want good quality you have to realise that you can not do it by yourself, and ask for professional help.

Thank you Lizzie for your talent, and your honesty.