I was up for a large promotion at work and feedback leading into this told me I should more purposefully consider wardrobe and my 'brand' if I wanted to make the next step. This was a great prod for me to reach out to Lizzie. 

The challenge I faced was that I needed to look more 'presidential' but at the same time still look like me. I am pretty relaxed and an easy going person, so I had a lot of trouble making those two things match and work. I had never really thought purposefully about how to portray myself through my wardrobe and I had never really shopped with any purpose - I just went when I really needed something new. 

I needed help to take stock, think through what image I wanted to portray, and then purposefully gather pieces to make a great wardrobe that suited me in my role. 

I found the wardrobe and style review sessions really interesting. It was great to take a step back and consider what I wanted to accomplish. Lizzie has a good thought process around this and asked some really good and challenging questions which helped a lot. I felt at the end of it that she had really understood me and what I was all about, and was ready to help me to 'be me', yet keeping that 'presidential' look.

The shopping session was was great fun. I had never spend that much time shopping before! Lizzie is great - she would pick things I never would have myself, but then I put them on and loved them. She looked the whole time for things that worked specifically for me. She was also very clear on feedback what works and doesn’t work - which I found really useful. It was great fun to come home with a new wardrobe that I love. 

I have ended up with a great wardrobe - I love everything in it! One of the best parts of my day is waking up and trying to decide what to wear, as I have so many great choices now! I also learned quite a bit about how to use colour, what colours work for me, and how to put an outfit together. I am really pleased!

I feel great now; much more confident with the clothes I have, more confident to put an outfit together that works, and I feel I look authentic yet still portraying the 'presidential' look that I need for work. 

I get a huge amount of comments now, especially from colleagues. People noticed an immediate difference and this builds your confidence even further. 

I would absolutely recommend working with Lizzie! I think that many professional women underinvest in themselves and finding their “brand”. It is really amazing how much of a positive change you can make in yourself and how you are viewed by investing the time in your wardrobe and your look - all while still being authentically you. Its well worth the investment. Thanks Lizzie!