I contacted Lizzie as I had way too many clothes I never wore. I was initially looking for a review of my wardrobe and a reduction, as my wardrobe was bursting at the seams and yet I never felt I had anything to wear. I was always falling back on the same ten or so outfits, but was too much of a hoarder to throw things away! I had already made two attempts at reducing my wardrobe in the last 2 years and failed, so I knew I needed some professional help.

I enjoyed the wardrobe session, and It was very easy to feel comfortable with Lizzie with her approach. Standing in front of a virtual stranger in your knickers can be daunting, but with her it was easy - a matter of this is good, this needs to go.

We managed to achieve a lot in the day and I had a real sense of having achieved a true change afterwards. My local charity shop received 5 bags of decent clothes and I could breathe much easier. I have subsequently continued to clear out my wardrobe and now continue to hang items on the right hangers and in colour block groups, which makes dressing in the morning so much easier. 

It was wonderful shopping with Lizzie. She picked out some great items for me and was patient with my commentary. I really liked the fact that I knew I got an honest opinion as well as understanding straight away which items work with what. I now feel smart, stylish and comfortable in my clothes.

Now my wardrobe is a pleasure to open and I feel really good. It's so easy to put an outfit together and I get lots of compliments, too, which is nice. I still have to say goodbye to some more clothes and shoes that are no longer me, but I have learnt that this is a continuous process and not a one off event, and I am enjoying rather than dreading it.  

I can now see that good quality items really make me look smarter without the need for traditional suits. I definitely do not shop at cheap shops anymore. I have had multiple comments from random people on my outfits, which is nice. And of course my wardrobe and I are now friends!

I would absolutely recommend working with Lizzie, and only wish I had done this much sooner. You save a lot of money in the long run as I now I only buy a few items that are high quality and I love.

Working with Lizzie is super easy. She's just a delight to deal with. I'm very happy and looking forward to the next session!