Make Up

Looking polished and groomed is essential for women in business


Make Up

Looking polished and groomed is essential for women in business


Please don't shoot the messenger, but research shows that women who wear make up are paid more, respected more and promoted more.


All our personal styling clients are interested in looking their best, and many are seeking individually tailored, non-biased make up advice.  They fear looking overly ‘made up’ and a make up routine that takes time they just don't have to spare in the morning. 

We know that what you want is an everyday, quick, natural makeup, with knowledge of how to 'add more' if they need to for an evening out or a special event. 

Our make up artist specialises in everyday, natural business make up, to enhance your features and teach you to make the best of what you’ve got, in the smallest amount of time! 


You will learn how to make the most of the makeup you may already own, learn which products are best for you, and get advice on what new products and brushes to buy.



"I felt I needed help with makeup because I never really learned how to use it! Kit was great because she took me back to the beginning, and helped me with everything from moisturiser, through every day makeup, up to fun eyeshadow looks for parties.

I learned a couple of key things: first, how to apply different types of makeup, and which ones actually make a difference. I got tips on which brands to buy for different types of makeup.

More than anything Kit gave me confidence to trust my own judgement, so not only did she help me buy makeup on the day, but since then I’ve gone out and bought other things to experiment with, and I’m genuinely enjoying putting makeup on now – which is a big change"

Alex A, 35, Financial Services




we offer two exclusive Make Up sessions available For our clients only


Personal Makeup Consultation

3 hours at a Central London salon, or at your home*

Ever looked in your makeup bag and wondered why that eyeshadow you fell in love with at the counter is still un-opened? Or do you feel frustrated that you wear the same makeup day and night, whether you’re doing the school run or going to a party?

Update or learn makeup techniques, get an overhaul or your current makeup bag, and have up to date makeup looks specifically designed for you - natural, daytime, evening.

Kit will teach you to use and maximise the products you already own, but get also try out new products from different brands and in different colours.

You receive recommendations and a list so you can go and purchase the items yourself.

You'll come away feeling confident and with a new makeup outlook.

*At home available only within London



Makeup Masterclass

5 hours at a Central London location

With so many products to choose from, and pressure to buy, department store beauty halls and specialist makeup shops can be daunting.  

Get out of a makeup rut with an in-depth and experiential makeup masterclass, learning how to apply different make up looks, and how to recreate the best trends for you, on you. 

The session starts with a consultation and look at what you already own, what you need to buy, and what you are keen to learn.

 This exclusive session includes a shopping trip to buy your make up and brushes. Kit will choose products, cosmetics, brushes and skincare according to your budget and needs. Without focusing on one particular brand you will receive unbiased advice on what products will really work for you, backed by her professional experience, before heading to a studio  where you will learn how to use them.

You have an opportunity to practice with your new products and Kit's guidance, so you can recreate the looks confidently at home.

Your new makeup bag will be versatile and work according to your requirements, so you need never make expensive beauty mistakes again.

"Kit was great and I got exactly what I hoped to get from the session.

The day flowed really well; the session in the morning was super useful and I rediscovered lots of products I already owned, followed by shopping for the few bits I needed and a final session to put things into practice.

I would recommend a make up session to anyone who never really learnt to do make up properly and wants to get a better effect from the effort and expense."


Unfortunately we only offer these make up sessions to our clients. Please get in touch if you would like to enquire about a personal styling package with a make up session.