In this personal styling session we work on putting together outfits so you have a clear idea of what goes with what, and gain confidence in how your wardrobe works together. 

This session usually wraps up your package, following the personal shopping trip, or useful for clients who already have plenty of clothes and require help making the most of what they have, by creating outfits and highlighting missing pieces to make it all work more efficiently.



  • A clear idea of what items work together - saving you time and from stress in the morning, or when packing for a trip.

  • A digital photographic record of your best outfits for easy reference.

  • A clear idea of any specific items are now required to pull outfits together.

  • A range of options and increased confidence in your look.

  • Easier, less stressful mornings getting ready for work or packing for trips.


This session is a great follow on from a personal shopping session to make sure you maximise your wardrobe and look put together every day, but don’t want to have to think about it.