Common problems

Do any of the issues below sound familiar?


Common problems

Do any of the issues below sound familiar?



 Do any of these challenges sound familiar?



You want to step up or have recently stepped up a level in your career

You have been promoted, or are about to be, and are aware that your current wardrobe no longer suits your new more senior position. Maybe you are a business owner, and things are really starting to take off, but you are concerned that you don't quite look the part. Your current wardrobe doesn't project your best to others, and lacks the quality that will create the right impression to colleagues and clients. However, although you are ready to invest more in your wardrobe, you are scared of making expensive mistakes.  


You are looking for a new job, or returning to work

You are starting a new job, or returning to work after maternity leave or illness, and now is the perfect opportunity to reassess and update your image. You need to make a great first impression at interview and want to build a working wardrobe and invest wisely in the right pieces. Maybe you spent years suited and booted and your new work environment is more laid back and creative, or you are struggling to make sense of 'smart casual' dress policies. 


You constantly open your over-full wardrobe and exclaim "I have nothing to wear!"

Your wardrobe looks like the rail at a car boot sale. You find yourself frantically searching for the right thing to wear, leaving the house in something that doesn't make you look or feel your best. You often buy impulsively in your lunch hour, on holiday, or online. Even when you know the item is not right, you keep it anyway. You hold onto the mistakes, many with the labels still attached, because you feel guilty about the money wasted and the false belief that one day you will wear them.


Stuck in a rut and always buy the same things, or wear things to death.

You are stuck buying the brands that you have always worn, even though your career or life has progressed. Maybe you have slipped in the style stakes with a nagging feeling that you have begun to look a bit frumpy or are dressing too young. You have worn the same clothes for years, rarely experimenting with anything new. Your wardrobe is out of shape and out of style, and often the wrong size. When you go shopping you always come home with the same styles, and are nervous of trying a new style.


You are networking, pitching, dating or socialising and want to make a great first impression

You are building your business, and are presenting, pitching and networking and making new contacts, but know that your current wardrobe isn't doing you or your brand justice. Maybe you want to be noticed at work, and agree that you should  'dress for the job you want not the job you have'. You understand the importance of your first impression. You want to feel confident and to present your best, most authentic self and make people remember you for all the right reasons.


You struggle to find the time, or don't have the inclination to go clothes shopping

You know your wardrobe needs updating and refreshing, but it just never happens. You work hard all week, and when the weekend comes the last thing you want to do is use your precious time to traipse around crowded shops. You are fed up wasting time and money buying things online that just don't work. Outside of work hours family life has priority, your wardrobe is at the bottom of your to-do list. 


You don't enjoy shopping or feel overwhelmed by all the choices available.

Maybe you just don't like shopping and have never been bothered about or interested in clothes and style. Shopping trips give you a sense of fear and dread, and inevitably you come back from one feeling stressed or disenchanted. You feel that the time has come when you need or want to make an effort but you recognise that you could use some help.


If you recognise yourself in any of the descriptions above you'll be relieved to know that help is at hand.



Working with with one of our professional and experienced personal stylists you can expect to change the way you look, feel and shop, forever.