There is something really comfortable about having routines in your life. Are you ready to take on a couple of new ones that might make your days run a little smoother and be a little brighter? Take a look at these easy-to-do routines and see if they inspire you to action.

  • Makeup Routine – Think about creating a Zen-like atmosphere when applying your makeup. Instead of reaching through a makeup bag that may be filled with powder residue, last seasons colors mixed with this seasons, just pull out the items you are currently using and lay them out on a tray. With the easy visibility and everything you need positioned in the order you need it, you’ll be creating a routine filled with serenity.
  • Morning visualization – Have a short but sweet moment to think about what you may need. Extra pair of shoes to go from daytime to nighttime wear? A shawl or cardi to prepare for an unexpected chill? Your gym gear to avoid an extra trip home? If you are ready for what may come your way, the day might find you more time to play!
  • Night to day planning – Preparing an outfit for the following day can prevent a morning disaster. Take 5 minutes at night to get tomorrow’s outfit together. In the morning, you may make a few edits but at least you’re starting with a plan.
  • Nightly skincare routine – Everybody suggests it but have you worked it into a routine? Taking off makeup is crucial to keeping your skin at its best. Add a moisturizer or serum and enjoy your coming-down-off-the-day routine.
  • Clearing the closet clutter – Make a habit out of taking off your dry-cleaning plastic bags and putting your clothes back on their matching hangers. Get rid of all the extra shoe boxes that waste space. Leave the non-clothing storage out of your closet and only have stored in there the clothes you wear. Does this sound like a huge project? I can help beautify your closet and make it a place to create great outfits. Contact me, I am ready to help!