I hate to admit it but, although I watch very little TV, I love watching the crazyness that is Americas Next Top Model. The main reason that ANTM is so addictive is that Tyra is so.... well... mad?! I am stuck between whether I think she's let her ego just get way out of control, or if she really just does all that 'smile with your eyes' face pulling stuff for really genuine educational purposes. I used to be a model, so I do kind of know what she's getting at. But these poor girls who, haven't got a clue about how to model as no one would, are thrown so far in at the deep end. They watch her so seriously, lapping up every word and face pull. Some of them really must just look at her and be dying not to laugh when shes doing one of her 'how it should be done' demos. I find it the funniest thing on TV (bar the newly discovered Wipeout USA but thats another story..)

And my favourite episope every series is 'The Makeovers' episode, when for example, the girl with the long blond hair that is her crowning glory, has it cropped short and dyed black. There are tears and tantrums, some look great and it makes them, others less so. What it does accomplish though is to show the dramatic difference that having a fresh change can make to someones persona and look. After this episode I always have to bet again on who I think is going to win.

Heres a couple of examples from last week...



Anyway, you ask, why am I going on about this?

All my life I have changed my hair regularly - I go long to short and back, and have had everything from platinum blond to black, and all shades and styles in between.

Well, two years ago I was watching the makeover episode and it reminded me that I was in need of a change, and as a result I got my hair chopped off from shoulder length into a very short bob. It felt liberating and I felt an instant boost. And watching ANTM last week I suddenly realised that I was ready for a change again. The bob has been going up and down a bit, fringe changes every so often, but basically the same.

I decided i'd go back to a dark brunette and  immediately booked an appointment with my colourist Akio, at Windle in London's Covent Garden. Luckily my hairdresser Paul Windle also was free between appointments and gave my fringe a much needed trim to so its a bit sharper to go with the more intense dark colour. And here I am writing this now in my office! Not the best photo, but I thought I should show you!

Photo 14

Anyway, the reason I'm sharing this with you is to ask you to stop for a minute and ask yourself-

When did you last change your hair, or any other part of your look?

It really is so easy to get stuck in a rut, and it really does make a massive difference to how you feel to have a change. The beginning of a new season is the perfect time. Out with the old and in with the new!

If a big change feels too much, even a trim and a few highlights really will make a difference, and is a great treat. Now the grey skies have arrived, there's no better excuse.

Look in magazines for inspiration, and i'd love to see the results!