Wardrobe clutter Can we put a price tag on clutter? Well, yes we can! Consider these costs.

Do you invest in storage to keep the clothes that won’t fit in your wardrobe? Price: £500 to £1500 per year

Have you redesigned your wardrobe, adding floor to ceiling storage features in order to hold more stuff . . . that you never wear? Price: £1000 to £15,000

Have you lost track of what you have and ended up buying it . . . again? Price: Hundreds of pounds

Do you have so many things in your wardrobe that you lose track of them and never wear what you bought? How about adding up the prices on the tags. How much money have you spent on things you’ve never worn? Price: Hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds

Have you turned down the opportunity to meet a friend, or attend a special event because even though you have a wardrobe full of clothes, you can’t find anything to wear? Price: Missing out on good times and great memories

Did you know there’s another way to tackle clutter? It may sound counterintuitive, but getting professional help to weed out what doesn’t serve you anymore and maximize the investment you already have, makes great sense.

If it was an easy thing to do alone, we’d all have done it and never had to invest in ways to manage our stuff.  You can read about a wardrobe session with me (- part 1 only so far as we have both been too busy to do it again!) - on Kathleen Baird Murray's blog.

You can feel great about your wardrobe, love and use the things you have . . . just by getting an expert to help you manage your investment.  Contact me today!