I know that this week doesn't feel very spring like - freezing cold, snow and rain. Yuck. Things just feel a bit flat.


On Tuesday I had my beloved Vespa stolen - as seen in my website illustrations, which has totally messed up my week! At first it felt like losing a limb, but now i'm getting used to the pace of life when relying on buses and my own feet. I am a big believer in 'things happen for a reason', so i'm waiting to see what benefits there may be for someone stealing it. I think it may be to have me slow down a bit and not cram so much in my day. Life on the bus is certainly slower!

And of course I was totally shocked by the untimely death yesterday of Alexander McQueen. It has really shocked and saddened me. I walked past the offices on my way to the bus stop from a client of mine on St Johns Street in Clerkenwell after work and saw flowers, but assumed they must be 'good luck' bouquets for an event. RIP.