I know that this week doesn't feel very spring like - freezing cold, snow and rain. Yuck. Things just feel a bit flat.


For me thats partly because on Tuesday I had my Vespa stolen (- as featured in my website illustrations!), which has totally messed up my week. At first it felt like losing a limb, but now i'm getting used to the pace of life - relying on buses and my own feet. I am a big believer in 'things happen for a reason', so i'm waiting to see what benefits there may be for someone stealing it. I think it may be to have me slow down a bit and not cram so much in my day. Life on the bus is certainly slower.

And of course I was totally shocked by the untimely death yesterday of Alexander McQueen. It has really shocked and saddened me. I walked past the offices on my way to the bus stop from the home of a client of mine on St Johns Street in Clerkenwell. I saw some flowers and film crews, but assumed they must be there for an event with fashion week around the corner. RIP.

So how to cheer things up a bit? One of the best ways to add some lift to everyday wear (and life) is to add jewellery. Its a great way to brighten things up and express your personality. If you choose to wear something you LOVE you will feel good whenever you catch sight of it on your finger, or in the mirror.

Chunky or sparkly is “in” this season with large Lucite pieces, enamels, baubles, and chunky metals. The look can be big and bold with modern angles and solid colours or glamorous-romantic with chunky feminine rhinestone flowers or large dangling stones.

melissa ho earringsmelissa ho 2

Earrings are large, and can resemble sparkly chandeliers with soft gem colours of light pink, clear, and misty aqua.

It was my birthday last Friday and I received the most gorgeous gold earrings from my friends Rupert & Nica.They chose so well!

They are by a London designer called Melissa Lo. I wear earrings very rarely, but I just love these. Although quite large they are really simple, and matt gold - perfect as my version of the chandelier trend as i'm not really a sparkle person!

Gildas tryst Cocktail ring

I do however love chunky cocktail rings, and I have lost of big rings, and my clients always comment on them. Luckily they are are everywhere this spring, like this one below from new London boutique Gildas Tryst.

Necklaces are following suit with chunkier yet feminine styles in beautiful and romantic softer colours.

One thing to remember this season is there is a lot of ruffle and lace around the neckline. Let the neckline of your clothing get the most attention and be a substitute for a necklace. In this case adorn your wrist and ears instead.

Remember, if you are going to wear an armful of bangles, make sure there is a general theme.

Happy jewellery shopping!