You’re going to bump into all kinds of prints this season. How will you decide which ones are for you? Well, prints are personal. While one person goes mad for polka dots, another person will live for animal prints. Do you know your print favorites?


From mini floral prints to large ones, you’ll find one that suits you. A word of caution: tiny floral prints have an innocence to them and may be better suited to a young girl and not a mature woman. I like this quite bold print by DVF at Matches Here are some combinations to consider: a floral top with a solid-coloured trouser; a floral dress with a plain leather belt; and the easiest of all to wear, something you can add to any outfit are scarves in floral prints.


This print makes for bold statements. There are a wide variety of bohemian prints to choose from. One suggestion is to look for colours in the pattern that are the same colours as you might have in your hair, eyes or skin tone. If it is a very detailed print, make sure something in your outfit is neutral or the print will look like it’s carrying you away with it.


From the thick sailor stripes to teeny rows of stripes that might make your eyes sore (especially if someone’s wearing them on TV!), you can hardly go wrong with stripes for spring. Stripes are classic. They’ve been making us think “nautical” for years but depending on what fabrics they’re in, they can be very fun and playful as well.This dress is from Urban Outfitters.

Graphic/eye-dazzling/puzzle prints

This print has a lot going on in it. Don’t get lost in the maze of it all! Somehow the attention needs to come back to your face for you to be flattered. I love this Issa dress from Net-a-Porter. If you are not so brave, try this style of print in a skirt, keeping the print a distance from your face. Break up the intensity with a more restful simple, solid-colored top.

Animal prints

Are animal prints the new black? I think so! They show up in neutral colours, brights and high contrast colours as well. Using multiple animal prints in one outfit is mostly just wrong. If a blouse like this one from Urban Outfitters is too bold for you,  try this style of print in a shoe, t-shirt, or scarf.