The Mulberry Alexas were like golddust in the sales - the only reason I think I managed to get one was because the sale started a few days earlier than advertised! For those who didn't manage to get one or are still saving for theirs, might we interest you in one of the following in the meantime?

On the left we have the Old School Satchel, £46 which comes in black, red and navy. Don't let the name deceive you though, this bag is far from the satchels you used to have in school. No, this version is far more grown up and resembles more of a cool, casual briefcase rather than something that you'd pair with knee-high socks, pleated skirts and pigtails. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, how about the Leather Braid X-Body bag, £48? Unlike the satchel, this one is leather (as if the name didn't give it away!) and also comes in white and navy as well as the brown pictured. It's a sweet option with quite a vintage look that could be your everyday bag. Whichever one you prefer, they are both great as the adjustable strap means you can choose to wear it on your shoulder or cross bodied (for those times when you've overstuffed your bag and want to swap shoulders). Buy both from Urban Outfitters now!