I am a firm believer that a good statement necklace can totally transform your entire outfit. It can turn something totally casual into cool casual chic, or it can make a tired, old outfit new and fresh again. In short – a statement necklace is a great investment piece, but unlike some other investment items, you don’t have to break the bank to get hands on one.

I think when most people think of statement necklaces they tend to think they might be quite bulky or quite heavy, but this fringed statement necklace from Bitching and Junkfood at Urban Outfitters is quite the opposite – it’s light but is still a piece that will make you get noticed for all the right reasons. This is easily my favourite of all the bunch and besides the fact that it won’t wind you everytime you take a step, fringing is something that always seems to crop up around summertime. It’s that trend that keeps coming back year after year, so this is not necessarily a use-once-and-dispose-of piece. Besides that, fringing is not an obvious season-only trend like florals, for example, so you would be able to wear it year-round, too. At £80, you should definitely be able to get your money’s worth!

To the majority of people, I think Accessorize is the go-to place for jewellery, and they have not disappointed in the statement necklaces section. The Tara long necklace (£35) features gorgeous light and dark blue beads on an antique silver chain. This is the perfect necklace for summer, and would be a good piece if you were looking to try the tribal trend without going overboard.

This long necklace with faceted stone from ASOS may not be the most obvious of statement necklaces. In fact, you could probably say that it’s an understated necklace. Regardless, it’s still a beautiful necklace to get you noticed and add a bit of oompf to your outfit. Whereas the last two were slightly more trends-led and trendy, this is quite a classic and elegant looking piece that will compliment just about any outfit. At £15, it’s the cheapest of the lot, but you can expect a lot of wear from this little bargain buy!