Even if you feel your body is not as great as you wish, you can still find the perfect swimsuit to make the most of your assets while minimizing your less-than- perfect bits. Here's some tips on how to pick flattering swim wear to reduce your figure flaws so you can enjoy the sun, sand and sea.

1. Pick swim wear that features Lycra for extra holding power. Look for styles like the "Miracle Suit" which feature three times as much Lycra to pull in typical trouble spots like the tummy and bum. They claim you can look 10lbs lighter, and I think they do when I have  seen them on my clients.

2. Look for designs with material gathered around the stomach and back, which can camouflage tummy or back bulges and enhance the look of your waist. Some elongated tops like Tankinis have drawstrings down the sides that allow you to adjust the amount of gathering the suit has around the middle.

3. Choose a suit or bikini to flatter what you've got on top. If you have a fuller figure, choose swim wear with an underwire bra or a molded v-neck style in your correct bra size. If you are on holiday and in a bikini all day, every day, you need to maintain the support. It will also help your figure look its best by keeping the bust line in place and therefore making your waist look trim.

If you are small busted,  find a swimsuit with built-in foam cups or pads. Make the most of only requiring fine straps for support, and accentuate with ruffles

4. Use bold and eye-catching prints to further conceal any imperfections in your figure. Geometric prints, floral designs and diagonal stripes break up the space and draw the eye away from a troublesome tummy, for example.