Here are our top three tips for staying warm this winter...

(Looks great on the catwalk, not so practical in real life)

1. Start with a base layer. The best bases to start with are made from silks and synthetics as they will keep moisture at bay unlike cotton which will just absorb any and keep it there. Lizzie loves Uniqlo's Heattech range, and this camisole makes a great base to build around the rest of your outfit. After you have your base, then you can start to layer on tees, cardis, coats to help keep in the warmth.

2. So we've got your torso covered, next up is to look at where heat might be able to escape from. This includes your head, hands, neck - basically anywhere uncovered so make sure you have a fantastic scarf (we recently covered some fab leopard print ones just for this season), hat and gloves to help maximise warmth.

3. I'm totally guilty of this last one... A lot of people will often do the above tips but forget about their legs and feet, which may only have a layer of tights or trousers on them. Be sure to layer up your bottom half with not only thick tights but thick socks as well to keep your feet happy too!