Last week I was on CNN chatting about what Prince William might get his fiancee Kate Middleton for her birthday. I picked out a gorgeous sparkly dress from Reiss (unfortunately not on their website yet - we'll be sure to keep you updated) which is a bit more racy than her usual chic day-to-day attire! Speaking of racy gifts, lingerie might be another option for the Prince but my top tip for men picking something out for their other halves is to stick to something that isn't too lacy. Unfortunately we can't embed the video on here but you can watch it on the CNN website here.

Don't forget we first mentioned the label on everyone's lips: Issa over the summer. The blue Issa dress that Kate wore for the engagement photos was incredibly flattering without being too covered up or frumpy, and it also accentuated her figure, which is exactly why I have bought the same dress with clients young and old as it suits all shapes and is quite timeless (and therefore suits a variety of ages).