Shoe boots are the perfect piece of footwear for this time of year. With the temperature dropping you don't want to be going out in the evenings with your feet exposed. They are a great item to wear with your day to night outfit at work, ideal for all the Christmas office parties coming up and they are also one of the more flattering / sexy pieces of footwear you can own! Like with any shoe, the size of the heel is vital. Always make sure you buy the heel this right for you and for when you want to wear it. Some sky scraper heels can be mega sexy but not if you can't walk in them! Kitten heels can be very practical but be sure to avoid the frumpy look. Always good to think as well if you want a shoe boot that will look good with both jeans and skirts/dresses as some are more suited to trousers, so try remember this when you're trying them on, envisage them in another outfit as well!

Here are some of my favourite shoe boots available at the moment...

For those of you who don't want to risk wearing something too high try these, from Ash (available on my-wardrobe)

shoeboot shoe


If you can handle a bit more height to your heel try these from LK Bennett:

LK bennett shoe


Or if you're confident on stilts then these are for you, Bertie platform shoe boots:

Bertie shoe