The summer  holidays are fast approaching, and now is the time to do the type of shop many women dread; the swimsuit shop. Not everyone  looks like Beyonce in a swimsuit or has the figure of Kelly Brook, however, you shouldn't be afraid to go shopping for a new swimsuit as there are so many different styles now available there is always something to suit everyone.

We all have parts of our body we'd rather not show off, however, as soon as you feel comfortable in your outfit it will make it look 100 times better.

A few rules to help you find the right swimsuit for you:

1. Don't be afraid to experiment with patterns - plain black doesn't always make you look slimmer, some patterns can be flattering and if chosen right can be more flattering as they pull the eye away and distract from areas that you would rather people not notice.

2. Remember to accessorize accordingly - kit yourself out with sarongs, dresses and kaftan's that will compliment your swimsuit so that if you do go for lunch on the beach you can throw them on and still look and feel stylish.

3. Try different necklines, halternecks, spaghetti straps or strapless all have a very different style and suit different shapes, try them all and see what suits best.

4. Finally, the one thing you have to wear with your swimsuit is SUNCREAM! You could have the perfect bikini, but if you're skin is bright red from sun burn it won't be flattering!

5. If you have a large cup size it is essential that you but a bikini or costume that will support you from a brand such as Freya who make cup size bikinis.