Now is the time that the fashion magazines are all talking about Spring trends. 

Before you get too nervous about spending money on new clothes, wait. 

Do you think the fashion industry expects you to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe? I think they know better than that. 

Today, I’m going to take you through some of the trends for Spring/Summer 2015, and then you can search your wardrobe to see if you have some fashion treasures to bring out and use again! If you are someone who struggles to let go of clothes, you may have held on to some items that are on magazine editors’ current ‘must-have’ lists. 

Here are some items you may have already loved and still own that are ready to be recycled into outfits for spring. Start your treasure hunting now!

Obi belt

This Asian inspired simple belt would look great wrapped around a fine-gauged cotton or silk dress. It’s perfect for showing off your waist.

Small bucket bag

If you held onto your smaller bags when the big bag trend came on the scene, you may have some bags that are in great shape. Review your handbag stash.

Clutch bags

Clutch bags are great for nighttime outfits. Or you may have some clutch bags that are leather and not too bedazzled, perfect for daytime outfits when you don’t need to carry so much with you. 

Fringed items

Ankle boots, handbags, and clothing come with fringe benefits this spring season. If you have any items hiding at the back of the wardrobe, war them now and you’ll look modern and current!

Small silk scarves for accentuating a neck

Remember the small scarves that airline stewardesses wore around their necks in the ‘70s? That style is seen again this season, and is perfect when worn with an open necked shirt. Many of my clients have loads of scarfs they never wear (often gifts from their mother in law!). If that’s you, check your hoard. You may have a couple that could serve you well now.

Reptile and Snake Skinned bags 

These are items that are often stored away. Aunt Helen or Grandma Jean may have passed theirs down to you. They are so popular right now so dust them off and use them.


Think Hollywood movie director parties held around the swimming pool and guests with martinis in their hands and you’ve got the look. Kaftans were the perfect things to wear for entertaining, and for the trendy, they are again!

Bohemian long skirts or dresses

Maybe you have a coffee table book about the Woodstock weekend. Crack it open for inspiration for current fashion. Anything long and flowy is back in high fashion.

Peasant tops

Loose fitting tops are a great alternative to the cropped tops that are being shown this season. See if you kept any loose-fitting peasant tops from years back. They’ll be perfect over flared pants.

Lace skirts or lace tops

Maybe you left lace behind when you entered a rocker phase. Did you put them away in a safe place? Pull them out! A lace skirt will look fresh teamed with a soft cotton shirt with rolled up sleeves.


Like me, you may have been wearing stripes forever and be wondering what the big deal is about them now? Well, designers everywhere think they’re just fabulous. So pull your striped tops, pants, skirts, or dresses out and get some wear out of them. 

Shirt dresses

This was a classic style that had a long shelf life before it was pulled. It’s back again and looking modern, not stuffy.

Denim skirts

Denim is your best friend this season. Pull out that denim skirt. Remember, fabric technology has come up with better and better ways to make denim. If your skirt is as stiff as cardboard, you may enjoy the softer fabric choices in the 2015 version.


Now comes the caution flag! You may have some on-trend items of clothing but before you wear them, get a second opinion. Jumpsuits are in again, but does that mean your jumpsuit from the ‘80s is now high fashion? Maybe, maybe not.

You don’t have to make that decision on your own. Ask a friend, or if you'd like a professional opinion I’d be happy to help you figure out what’s already in your wardrobe and in style. Get in touch if you'd like to see how I can help.