You may have noticed if you've been shopping, or looked in magazines, that there’s some new jeans around. Actually, jeans are forever coming in and out with new styles, washes, or details. But you might be a bit confused, especially if you’ve relied on the skinny, or even super skinny style for the last two or three years.

There are still a couple of months left in 2015 and this could be the year you try a new jean style. Here’s a list that can help you with what styles are currently out there. 


The flared jean hugs the hips and thighs but then flares out over your boot or heel. No ankles are showing. This jean can be very flattering because it gives the look of long legs. The flared bottom of the jean can go from moderate to wide. Choose what you feel most comfortable in. However, this is NOT the same as a bootcut jean! Boot cuts look dated, this is very now! I personally feel its better left to the very fashion forward dresser, teen or very slim and tall.

Styling tips

Hem them as long as possible to give yourself the longest looking legs. Wear a chunky boot or a heeled shoe that just peeks out from behind the flare. Pair it with a loose cropped or waist length jumper, or make it slim with a long cardigan and printed blouse underneath. 

High-rise Skinny

The skinny jean continues to be on trend but this year’s skinny comes up to the waist. I LOVE a high waisted jean as its so comfortable. You can still find skinnies with a lower rise if your figure allows. Advantages of the high skinny are that they show off your waist, add length to your legs, and show more curves (and keep your tummy warm:) )

Styling tips

A tunic is loose and easy and a great balance for this tight-fitting jean. Tuck in a shirt and add a belt with a great buckle for waist emphasis. Ankle boots are a great choice, or tall flat riding boot which will easily fit over the top. If the hem is showing, consider rolling it slightly (not a full cuff). Heels will dress up your jean outfit. Flats will dress it down. Thigh high suede boots will also work well, as they need a very slim leg underneath them.


This jean is a good 'everyday' jean; wider than a skinny but narrower than a flared jean. It’s an easy jean to reach for when you’re putting together casual work outfits or a sophisticated date outfit for night. The darkest shade will be the most formal or dressy. Choose a lighter shade for more casual looks.

Styling tips

Keep it casual when you throw on your shirt and motorbike jacket, turn up your jeans and lace up your canvas trainers for an easy outfit to meet friends for a Saturday lunch. Get a preppy look when you wear them with a white shirt, navy blazer and laced brogues. This jean style is so versatile. 

 Boyfriend jean

The boyfriend jean has a more relaxed fit and is never flared. The cuff is a very important detail. Roll it one, two or three times depending on how much ankle you want to show. Because it’s cuffed, your ankle and shoe will be on display. 

Styling tips

A great belt is essential if you’re tucking in a shirt. A belt buckle can be the primary focal point in this outfit.  A printed blouse in stripes, checks, or floral is an easy choice. There’s a wide range of ankle boots that will be great with this jean. Consider a Chelsea flat boot or a suede ankle 'pistol' boot.

Overwhelmed by all the jean choices or confused about how to make the most stylish use of the ones you already have? We are your experts in waiting. Give us a call and we'll help you sort it all out.  We can try on a variety of styles and would love to help you get into a pair that makes you feel just right!

Lizzie Edwards is a Personal Stylist, Image Consultant and Executive Presence trainer in London, UK.