After I had my first baby I always felt like I never had anything to wear! All my clothes either didn't fit or I didn't like them. I also didn't have the time to go to the shops to go shopping, and kept on sending stuff back that I ordered online. 

Having worked full time right up until going on maternity leave, I really didn’t have much that I could wear that was casual or smart casual. Also, while I was roughly the same size as before having the baby, my shape had changed. 
I found the sessions quite full on - but very useful! In the wardrobe session it was liberating to get rid of lots of stuff that I never wore - and all the guilt about not wearing things. It gave me so much more space at home. 

The shopping was very targeted and really made a difference to the number of wearable outfits I have. Lizzie is very well prepared and thorough, so we were incredibly efficient. She is also very approachable and good at "getting" what you like. I never felt pressured into trying or buying something I was uncomfortable with. I felt like I had a much better idea of what I liked and what suited me, as well as many more things to wear (despite having many fewer clothes). We filled in a lot of the holes in my wardrobe - especially trousers and casual shoes, which has multiplied the number of options I have each day. 

Now I really don't have to think much about getting dressed as it’s all there, beautifully organised in my wardrobe and all works together. I could literally get dressed with my eyes closed! I have bought more items since then, and I feel much clearer as to what I am looking for, and therefore wear and value all the new things I buy. 

While it is clearly an investment - I do feel it is value for money, both in terms of money saved on shopping but more importantly on time saved getting dressed and how happy I feel in my clothes. I feel lighter, more together and prepared.  I am trying to get other areas of my life as well organised as my wardrobe is!

If you have a wardrobe full of clothes but feel like you never have anything to wear - then I thoroughly recommend Lizzie,