I hate shopping but I was fed up not having anything to wear.  I am time constrained and my wife, who is a client already, referred me to Lizzie. Practically everything in my wardrobe needed replacing, but I don't have the time or patience to shop.

The wardrobe session was a great opportunity to go thorough what was worth keeping and what to give away. Lizzie had a very clear idea of my lifestyle, style preferences, what I needed to buy to replenish my wardrobe. I like to be organised, and Lizzie re-hung everything on matching hangers. 

The shopping session was great. I loved that it was all taken care of, prepped, and took place over one day, and in one store! I could do my emails while Lizzie was off getting more items for me to try. I really liked that she didn't try to change my style, she just refined and updated it. 

I am enjoying wearing the clothes as they are all still my own style. I've now got a great wardrobe which works day to day. I am more organised and smarter, as everything I take out of the wardrobe now works together. 

I would recommend working with Lizzie to anyone, especially if you're a man who doesn't enjoy shopping and are time constrained. It has been a positive experience and I would do a shop like that again!