Because of my change in body shape after the birth of my two children, I had lost all confidence in my own judgement regarding what I could pull off or not.

I needed a new style that would suit my age and clothes that would be versatile enough to be appropriate for work meetings, school run, shopping, and playing with the kids at home.

I thought this was really helpful as it had the benefit to show Henry the kind of things I like, and the pitfalls in which I always ended up.

And quite frankly, I found it liberating. The distance Henry had with my wardrobe made it much easier to be ruthless.  It tamed my inevitable guilt and all the emotional aspect that would have been linked to the process if I had done it on my own (which I had tried before… in vain)

I hate shopping for myself so I really loved the efficiency of the whole process. There was no time wasted. Henry’s selection was ready in each shop we visited, and surprisingly accurate. The clothes fitted me and were completely within the impossible brief I had given. And cherry on the cake was I liked 95% of the selection, which I thought was pretty impressive!

I finally have a wardrobe I like and getting dressed in the morning isn’t a chore anymore. My new clothes are comfortable enough to wear when looking after the kids at home, I don’t feel over-dressed when I’m at the school gates but I still feel smart enough when I need to attend to a meeting. And all this without having to change my outfit three times in a day.

I discovered brands I would never have thought of. It is very pleasant to open a wardrobe filled with clothes you love. It’s also a good way to avoid expensive mistakes; I’m shocked when I add up the cost of all the items I bought in the past never feeling completely satisfied with them.

All in all this was definitely a far better investment.