My work wardrobe was really dull and my casual wardrobe was non-existent, so I wanted to re-invent my office wardrobe,  and just didn't know where to start with my casual wardrobe. After discussing my options I decided to book with Henry, a senior stylist.

I found the wardrobe session amazingly helpful – the preparation assignment started me thinking about the choices I make when going shopping and what makes me to always go for the “safe option”.

Creating a mood board got my imagination going, and then going through my wardrobe with Henry really opened my eyes on a number of things which should have been obvious but I couldn’t see them myself.

Henry is extremely professional and shopping with him was a real pleasure. He had spent time pre-shopping so we managed to buy quite a few pieces which can easily be mixed and matched, and which fitted well in my existing wardrobe. It was very easy to start wearing all the pieces we bought together – getting dressed for the weekend became an easy and fun task rather than something causing uncertainty and panic.

I am very happy with the whole experience and would do it again – not only was it useful and practical but it was also very enjoyable. I definitely recommend working with Henry – he’s a true professional, he makes sure he gets to know you as a person and your lifestyle and he helps you to pick the pieces which really suit you, fit well in your existing wardrobe, as well as pushing your boundaries and inviting you to consider something new.

Working with LESC has been a pleasure from start to finish.