I was prompted to contact Lizzie Edwards Style Consultancy by a friend of mine who had great success with one of her Associate Stylists.  I had no time to update my wardrobe, and was extremely keen to find some new clothing brands that would work for me.

I was referred to Henry who is one of the senior stylists at Lizzie Edwards. He very quickly understood my requirements and gave me really valuable advice about my current wardrobe. 

The shopping session was amazing! Henry did a wonderful job of pre-shopping, so that by the time I arrived he already had a lot of options for me ready to try.

During the session he made so many excellent suggestions, and the whole shopping process was very efficient.

Henry is incredibly friendly and nice, and I really enjoyed shopping with him.

I feel really happy that I now have all the necessary items in my wardrobe, and everything is very elegant and feminine which is exactly what I wanted to achieve. 

One of the best things that I learnt from this experience is that I now know the brands that work really well for me, so shopping will now be much easier in the future.

I would definitely recommend the experience, and also want to say a very big thanks to Henry for all his help!