After retirement from a business career and subsequently moving to a subtropical climate, I found it increasingly difficult to find a new, more relaxed style while staying true to myself. I wanted to go from conservative black to a relaxed, yet elegant smart casual style.

I was initially prompted to contact Lizzie Edwards Style Consultancy as my daughter had previously used Lizzie's service and we were both extremely happy with the outcome. 

As someone who usually dislikes shopping I enjoyed the ability to try on multiple new pieces without ever having to leave the fitting room. Lizzie had already carefully selected a wide range of clothes for me which reflected the outcome of our initial session. The walk through the store in search of additional pieces was a learning experience and I found clothes I would never have selected or tried on before

The result of the shopping experience with Lizzie was that I walked away with a brand new wardrobe and quite a few pieces that I would not have found myself. I now feel confident, relaxed and transformed!

I would absolutely recommend working with Lizzie, she has a great sense of style and a wonderful, warm personality. She is a true professional. She understands your personal challenges and does not try to transform you into someone else. She is working with you to bring out your best personal self.

Thank you Lizzie, I am confident I'll be using your services again.