I contacted LESC as I felt the need to update myself professionally. It became apparent that despite being in good shape, as an older women I was being judged at some level to be dated, even past it. It became important to me to look more current, so I could feel confident professionally.

I had no idea what looked good on me and had lost confidence in shopping.  Living with the after effects of breast cancer surgeries, I also struggled with the realities of shopping and finding outfits that accommodated some of the issues resulting from that. 

After having a chat with Lizzie, I decided to go ahead with one of her team of associate personal stylists, Boo.

When I arrived to our personal shopping session, she had already preselected clothes for me, from brands I hadn’t tried before but were great for my figure. She has such an incredible eye for what is going to look right on your figure that it’s hard to believe! She also totally understood my need for simple, understated style and gave me lots of tips about how to layer and vary clothes to create different looks. 

In just few short hours on day one, Boo had whittled down the pre selected clothes to a versatile, working wardrobe. As someone who is overwhelmed by shops this was amazing, and I went home knowing I was now sorted. 

She was also very good at working within our budget and advising where to prioritise, which I found really helpful so the result for me was a core working wardrobe plus some casual outfits to get me started.

For someone like me who is overwhelmed by shopping and the decisions that go with it, the sheer relief of someone else doing that and the clothes looking good is hard to describe. Every woman who needs a confidence boost should do this. 

For months I had surveyed the internet wondering about hiring a personal stylist. I was fearful that it could be wasted time and money, because so much depends on liking the clothes, and how do you judge whether someone else will understand you and your needs? It’s such a personal service! 

I have to say this was such a positive experience and I would recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone. Lizzie is so personally invested in making sure you feel confident, and lovely Boo, with her years of personal styling experience just ‘got me’ ,and made it totally painless.

The wardrobe reboot has given me so much confidence. I now realise the importance of investing in yourself, and feeling good about doing it. Thank you!