I decided to contact Lizzie Edwards Style Consultancy as I was feeling frustrated that I never felt like I had enough clothes to wear at work. 

I was finding it very difficult to find styles that suited my figure, were comfortable to wear all day and were appropriate for a reserved office environment.

I worked with one of Lizzie's Associate Stylists, Boo. She made the wardrobe and style review session fun and I learnt a lot. It was great to find that so many of my existing clothes were worth keeping, and Boo really helped me see how to put items together with each other to create outfits  and then how to accessorise them. 

The shopping session was very well organised and fun throughout. Boo has a great energy to her and I feel really enthused about shopping, and waking up in the morning and picking what to wear.

I now have a full work wardrobe and I feel much more confident in my outfits, and really pleased that I have a pick of work wear for each occasion.

I have had so many compliments on my wardrobe and I also feel much more confident about going shopping for new pieces.

I will save a lot of money not buying items that don't suit me and now have the confidence to splash out on clothes that do. Thank you very much to Boo!