Never planning in advance and finding the whole shopping process boring, meant I always bought from the same places and went for the same look. I needed to build a wardrobe to have ready to go outfits for various appearances, and due to a lack of time my wardrobe was becoming a real challenge for me.

The wardrobe review session confirmed what I guess I knew already but didn’t have the courage to do myself. I had a massive clear out, but it felt so good!

The shopping session was fun, and we packed so much in we literally didn’t stop all day. I started to understand what suited me and how to use the items to build different looks. I bought so many new things that I would have never looked at before, and I really love them. 

Boo introduced me to so many new brands that I now love, and feel are really me. I feel much more confident in what I am wearing, and the stress of what I am going to wear has turned into excitement about what I am going to wear. 

Now, i’m enjoying my clothes and fashion in a way that I never did before. I feel great about getting dressed, and so much more confident. 

I save so much time now i’m not buying the wrong things and am just ready to go. I have received so many compliments on my new look, and how the colours really suit me. 

I 100% recommend this process. It will save you time, and make you look and feel good!