I was talking with a friend, and suggested maybe she should use a personal stylist or shopper.

A few weeks later my husband asked me why didn't I take my own advice! I had a wardrobe full of clothes, but I didn't enjoy wearing them and didn't feel comfortable in them. It was a struggle to get dressed each morning! 

I had also been reflecting on my career and where my next step will take me - I wanted to feel like a confident leader. 

The wardrobe and style review session was eye opening, it made me look at my own clothes with a critical eye and understand why I liked or didn't like wearing certain items. I quickly realised the number of clothes I liked wearing was limited, which helped me get rid of a lot of clothes. 

Prior to the shopping session I was a little bit apprehensive, but the session was really great. It was a treat to have so many clothes ready and waiting for me to try. I liked going to new shops and trying on new brands that I hadn’t tried before.

I liked that Nicole had a gentle style of coaching, she was encouraging and listened to my feedback as I tried on each outfit and I came away with items in a wider range of colours than I would normally wear. 

I have had so many great compliments on my clothes since the shopping trip. I enjoy getting dressed in the morning and wearing my new pieces, and I feel more confident. I am now looking at clothes with new eyes and looking forward to future shopping trips. 

Thank you Nicole for a great experience!