I contacted Lizzie Edwards Style Consultancy because I knew that I needed to revamp my professional wardrobe, and rather than spend wasted afternoons searching in shops and picking up pieces I really did not need, I decided to seek professional help.  I opted for sessions with a senior stylist.

I wanted to focus on creating an updated cohesive collection of outfits, rather than opening my wardrobe and have everything fall out! I needed a more focussed approach to buying and updating my outfits rather than the haphazard approach I had been adopting. 

The wardrobe edit was just what I needed. A thorough clear out of what I should and shouldn't keep. I ended up with about 10 bags of clothes which I donated to charity.  Simplifying my wardrobe helped in successfully pairing outfits together and helping me enjoy what I had.

The shopping session was a great success.  Henry had already planned the itinerary and he had liaised with the shops in advance and so that I could try the clothes he felt I should try. I bought some fab pieces and shoes. I shopped in places I didn't think I would be able to as I could never find my size! I spent my money wisely and realised I should have done this years ago! 

Now I feel amazing. I love the clothes and versatility. I am no longer buying clothes I do not need and I have received compliments in the way I dress. I have noticed a difference in people's reaction to me, which has become more positive and accepting. 

We seek professional help at times for other aspects of our life, and I believe having professional assistance with your wardrobe is a necessary investment in keeping current and up to date.  You end up actually spending less money in the long term. 

I would encourage anyone to do this - the results will surprise you.