As I'd got older I'd become less confident in what I was choosing to wear, and certainly found the shopping process overwhelming, with too much choice.

I’d met Lizzie at a women’s business group, The Step Up Club. She immediately came to mind when I decided I needed a personal stylist to help buy and plan outfits for my business branding photoshoot.

Lizzie paired me up with one of her associate stylists Nicole, and it was a perfect fit. It felt like within about 5 minutes of arriving she completely "got" me, what I'd been struggling with, and what I needed.

The wardrobe and style review session was amazing. I mean hard work and intense, but very insightful. The results of the session were a much clearer sense of what was and wasn't working in my wardrobe, and where the gaps were. It proved to be a big wardrobe clear out! 

The shopping sessions were again an intense experience, but amazing and fun! To have had Nicole prep everything ahead of time was such a treat, and meant we could be super focused on the job in hand.

In a further session we spent a few hours working out all the different outfits and combinations, and it was incredibly useful.

I definitely learnt more about myself in the process than I would have imagined; about how I might be perceived by others in my business, and what image I'd like to project.

I’ve had a big boost in confidence and got a killer wardrobe to boot. I could get used to this! Having a personal stylist like Nicole navigate this with her razor sharp eye was brilliant. 

I would definitely recommend LESC. It was such a helpful process and I can’t wait to do another session.

Thanks Lizzie and Nicole. Great support before, during and after. An awesome combo!