I just moved to London and I did not have the time or talent to pull together new things for my wardrobe to make me feel like I lived in London. So I contacted Lizzie Edwards Style Consultancy for some help.

I do not know the brands, their locations, how to layer for the climate here or what style is appreciated here in London. I am also almost an empty nester and have more time for traveling and entertaining therefore need to dress differently more often.

I liked the speed and efficiency in which Boo could read me, evaluate my existing wardrobe and assess my needs. She made it feel easy although I know it is not. She used the time wisely and was very kind in her comments about my existing clothing.

Wow, the shopping session was fun! Boo had a great selection of clothes to start with and the privacy of a private room was really appreciated. As we moved along trying different items Boo kept adjusting the items on the rack and replacing with new items she felt would work better. 

I could not imagine the process going any better, so I am very happy with the sessions and I have already worn almost everything multiple times and feel the difference in general confidence and ease of getting dressed.

I have received many compliments already and I look forward to getting dressed and going to events now.  

I would really recommend the process and I think it is worth it when you are really stuck in your old ways of dressing. I think the website is lovely and I appreciated the videos on there to help make the most of my time with Boo.