I have had a successful career in the U.S. government, serving in Beijing and in senior roles in Washington.

I now work at HSBC, and recently received a promotion, managing a team and working with senior executives at the Bank.

Between all the moving, and all the challenges in between, I forgot about myself and about how I wanted to represent myself professionally, socially, and personally.

Nicole is outstanding – she spent a tremendous amount of time to get to know me, my style, and who I am.  She analysed me, she got to know me, and thought deeply about what looked best on me. She organised the quintessential personal shopping day, to the point I joked with her – we didn’t visit a store that I found myself unable to purchase everything she recommended. She is a magician!

Important note – I have really small feet, and she found me size 35 in multiple locations.

She is a gem, and as a bonus, she has a vivacious, energetic personality, and it rubbed off me.   I not only appreciated her professionalism; but I enjoyed spending time getting to know her.  She is a force!

I feel more confident than I have in years – and I know people are looking at me in a different way. I wouldn’t have the confidence to walk into my office tomorrow without Nicole’s advice and guidance.