I was starting a new job which required a more fashionable look. I had a lot of old clothes that didn’t fit nicely together and having had two children, my body had also changed.

My husband came across Lizzie's website and decided to get me a package with one of her Associate Stylists as a gift. 

I found the wardrobe and style review session really helpful. It was great being able to go through my wardrobe and get to know Boo at the same time. The result was that we threw away lots of items that no longer worked for me, and were better prepared for the shopping session.

I loved the shopping session! It was really wonderful to have a private room to use, and to have everything pre-selected. It was a very efficient session with time for Prosecco at the end!

As a result I now have a whole new wardrobe, a new sense of style and I feel really great. People have positively commented on my style and I am feeling much more confident.

I would absolutely recommend Lizzie Edwards Style Consultancy, it was great working with Boo, there is no other way to shop!