I had been wanting to work with Lizzie Edwards Style Consultancy for a while, and the birth of my first child seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so.

 I’ve always had the classic problem of a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear! Having a baby made me realise I needed to dramatically pare down the volume of clothes, and focus more on higher quality pieces that would work hard for me. I wanted to remove the twenty minutes I spent every morning trying to decide what goes with what, and never feeling particularly happy with the end result.

I really enjoyed the whole process of the wardrobe and style review. Creating a mood board was extremely interesting when it became clear that the colours and styles I really like were not well represented in my existing wardrobe!  Having Henry to help pick those features out and refine them was great and I learnt a lot from him about what to look for in clothes.

Following the shopping session, I am never going shopping on my own again! I loved the pieces that Henry selected and the whole experience was an absolute joy. The day was quite tiring, but knowing the hard work was already done and that I only had to try on the items already waiting for me, meant that I enjoyed every minute. 

I loved spending the day with Henry. Not only does he have an incredible eye for style and detail, he is also incredibly knowledgeable about the construction of clothes. He is able to suggest simple alterations that make a huge difference to the look of a piece, and he is fantastic company.

The results were hugely positive, and I now have a much smaller wardrobe of pieces that I love and that all work together.

I’m still getting used to feeling more “dressed up” and better presented on a daily basis, but I find myself in bed thinking about which outfit combination I want to wear the next day and I am excited to get dressed in the morning.

It’s still fairly early days and we still have my work wardrobe to tackle, but I have already had friends comment on how good I look, which has dramatically increased my confidence.

I love having a smaller wardrobe of great pieces and have already developed more of an interest in fashion, which I never thought would happen! 

I would absolutely recommend doing this. It has made something that I always saw as a chore (shopping) and a challenge (putting together outfits in which I have confidence) more of a pleasure.  I am genuinely excited to continue refining my personal style and building a wardrobe that I know will work for me without having to think too hard.

I would advise anyone that is considering doing this to take the plunge!  It is certainly an investment, but one that is definitely justified by the returns, both practically and emotionally.  Thank you so much to Henry, Lizzie, Sophie and the team!