I was fed up with my wardrobe. I was overbuying and not making good, clear decisions. I had way too many clothes and hated getting dressed so decided I would get help from a personal stylist and contacted Lizzie.

I found the initial wardrobe session great. Henry was wonderfully pragmatic and honest and didn’t make me feel bad. He has the right level of humour and forgiveness! I also really loved having a male stylist to work with, as weirdly it took my self consciousness away!

Henry totally nailed the choices in the shopping session. It was delightful to have items picked and ready. He was totally on brief for my style, but still encouraged me to try new things. He was really honest about what suited me but was not pushy at all. How does he do it?!

I can absolutely resist temptation to buy ad hoc now, and I have only made 2 more purchases since our last shop, namely cashmere and jeans. The process has structured my wardrobe, as I am now super organised and a whole lot tidier so it just feels simple and straightforward.

 I feel marvellous! I’m really looking forward to a summer personal shopping session, which I would usually dread, as I know Henry will get it right again.

I feel I look good, a much better version of me. I don’t feel like I have been changed fundamentally, I just look well put together!  I am more aware of how I present to clients, and it’s become more important to look good, in an understated but confident way. Totally recommend it!