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Female Client

Victoria S, 29, Programme Manager

My work wardrobe was really dull and my casual wardrobe was non-existent, so I wanted to re-invent my office wardrobe,  and just didn't know where to start with my casual wardrobe. After discussing my options I decided to book with Henry, a senior stylist.

Karine H, 46, Partner in a law firm

I do not have time to shop - ever.  It's always rushed, last minute and disorganised. I never know what to buy so I fancied having someone to help me buy clothes who would be impartial. I had also recently moved firms and I wanted some new items.

Bridget D, 39, MD, Marketing & Events Co

It had been so long since I shopped that replenishing my wardrobe felt like a chore rather than a joy. I didn’t know where to start and was afraid of making expensive mistakes. I also decided that I wanted a treat and working with Lizzie sounded fun!

Rhi, 34, Management Consultant

I contacted Lizzie as I needed to appear more senior. I was going for promotion, but I still wanted to look young and up to date.

Kathryn, 40, Marketing Consultant

I needed a professional wardrobe that would allow me to feel smart and confident with my corporate clients, to bring a bit of creative expression when dealing with my agency and tech clients, and I wanted a casual "uniform" that took the stress out of choosing outfits for different occasions. Quite a big ask!

Kim, 44, Management Consultant

I had moved from a corporate office environment to a working from home arrangement, with regular outside meetings.  I needed to transition to a smart casual look, so I contacted LESC and booked in with one of Lizzie's senior stylists.

Sophia G, 42, Executive Coach

I was not getting the best use out of my wardrobe and felt I would benefit from some help in making the best out of the clothes I already had. I needed a wardrobe that could easily move from smart casual, to smart, to potentially evening out.

Amelia H, 49, Psychotherapist

I had a growing dissatisfaction with my wardrobe and how I looked, was fed up with the constant stress of not knowing what to wear, and frustrated with not knowing what to buy to correct the situation! 

Leanne S, 40, Entrepreneur

The specific issue for me was finding a smart but more business-casual look to wear to meetings and events. In my previous life I worked in a very corporate environment, and hadn’t really moved out of thinking that’s the look I needed to wear. I wanted help to find a style that reflected my business and me, but retained the right level of appropriateness for each occasion. 

Sarah K, 31, Banking Compliance

I had been feeling a little exasperated with everything to do with clothing. My wardrobe wasn't giving me what I needed, I didn't know where to shop and I didn't know what my style was. I had been considering trying an image consultant for a while, and finally I decided I needed to change

Rosanne D, 45, Private Equity

I wanted to find a new way of dressing – giving up my old banker suits and finding a look that was more contemporary but still fitting for a 45 year old in finance. 

Rachel M, 47, Healthcare Researcher

I was tired of shopping for clothes which on second thoughts never seemed to quite work and I'd end up passing them on or giving them away. What I wore and the image I needed to project through work seemed to be getting further apart.

Charlotte H, 32, Marketing Executive

My wardrobe was stuck in a rut and I was fed up of never having anything I felt good in.I wanted to understand what suited me and how I could best utilise my current wardrobe as I am at the age where I felt I needed a transition in my style. 

Linda P, 42, Exec & Non-Exec Director 

I had recently been promoted to Board level positions in a couple of companies and needed a new look that was smarter and more consistent with that level of seniority, but which still afforded me credibility as a scientist.

Janet P, 54, Chief of Staff, Banking

I contacted Lizzie as I had been promoted to the Executive Committee at a large UK bank. I wanted to look more corporate, and for my clothes to help with signalling my new status.

Eleanor-Jo, 33, CEO Recruitment

My new found ability to put outfits together has transformed my style, but most importantly my confidence. As well as a complete overhaul of my wardrobe I have had a complete change of mind set, that alone has been worth the investment

Jas H, 47, Company Director

After years of wanting some help with refreshing my work and casual clothes, as well as help with sorting through what I had in my wardrobe, my husband bought 2 days with Lizzie as a birthday present.

Saskia H, 36, Tax Director

The referral to Lizzie came about as part of my employer’s formal annual review process. It was, perhaps, a slightly delicate subject, but the question arose as to whether I “looked like a potential partner” and the answer was not a unanimous 'Yes'.

Clare M, 47, Senior Executive

I contacted Lizzie mainly due to my lack of time as I have two teenage kids, and I work very long hours. Over the years, my confidence has eroded  and I suffer from the fear of looking middle-aged or 'mutton dressed as lamb'...

Alex A, 35, CEO Financial Services

I contacted Lizzie as I was starting a new job, and had an outdated wardrobe. I needed to walk into my new job with complete confidence that I was looking the part, because I knew it would help me feel the part.