I like to think of myself as an eco conscious person. I try hard not to over shop, I recycle when I can, and have recently been cutting down on over washing and dry cleaning.

Here are some other tips for you to help with caring for your clothes in an eco way.

1. Get in the habit of using the tumble dryer less. Hanging out clothes has many benefits. Not only will your clothes have a longer life, you’ll be reducing energy consumption. Dryers can fade colours and are harder on the fibres of your clothes.

2. Consider changing laundry detergents. ‘Green’ products such as Ecover and Method have fewer harmful chemicals and are biodegradable. You can even get special ‘balls’ that mean you don't need detergent at all.

3. Dry cleaning puts an extra burden on the environment and adds to the cost of your garments over time. Some people are in the habit of taking things to the dry cleaner when all they really need is to be aired out, or even washed by hand or on a dedicates cycle. Often the label says dry cleaning just for the manufacturer's benefit rather than for the reason they can’t be washed- particularly simple silk tops or light knits.

4. Many times I meet clients and their wardrobes and find that they over wash clothes. Cutting down on how much you wash items will both help the environment, and your purse as you will not need to replace things so often. If it's not stained, can it not just be aired?