How I Work

Together over a number of wardrobe, shopping and styling sessions, I create an authentic, effortless wardrobe.


How I Work

Together over a number of wardrobe, shopping and styling sessions, I create an authentic, effortless wardrobe.


My clients are ambitious, and therefore serious about achieving a turnaround in their workwear style and wardrobe.

However, through lack of time, interest or know-how want professional help to get it done in an efficient and enjoyable way.


Working with one of our personal stylists clients have achieved the following results, and you too can:

  • Look stylish, and years younger.

  • Have increased self-confidence and greater self-appreciation.

  • Receive compliments from friends, colleagues - and complete strangers!

  • Love the clothes you are wearing and feel proud of the way you look

  • Learn what works for you and what doesn't - saving you time and money.

  • Have an organised, functional wardrobe with stylish, wearable clothes that fit and flatter.

  • Find shopping no longer overwhelms you, as you know where to go for what suit you, and your lifestyle.

  • Look forward to getting dressed each morning.

Are these the results you are looking for?

 To get the best long term results, I do not offer ‘stand alone’ personal shopping or wardrobe review sessions.

My workwear styling packages are made up of a number of half and one day sessions. 

The time required for each session and the number of sessions will depend on your existing wardrobe, and your goals. The aim is to get you looking and feeling great, with immediate results.

All personal styling packages include a preparation assignment as well as bespoke session planning, pre- shopping research, and follow up advice and links.


Please click on each image below to read more about the three types of session that when combined make up our packages 


Wardrobe & Style Review

Personal shopping

outfit building


Although clients are similar in many ways, their current wardrobe situation, goals and budget vary.


Maybe you currently have very few clothes, or want to completely start a fresh, and therefore time required in your existing wardrobe is shorter and more time is required in the shops and putting new outfits together.

You may have a wardrobe of great clothes already, but are looking to have a sort out and gain clarity on what you own to find out what is still working. You'll require a longer wardrobe session and less time shopping.

Although workwear is the first priority, I can also help with your casual wardrobe if it needs some help too!

Once I have created the foundations for a wardrobe that works, I encourage you to work periodically with your personal stylist, with regular wardrobe maintenance sessions at intervals of anything from a half day once a season to a day every couple of years. 

 My personal styling packages start from £1495 +vat, and you will require a minimum shopping budget of £2000. 

Lizzie works with a very limited number of personal styling clients each season. They are usually senior executives, professionals or business owners; women in or looking to progress to a C-suite, senior or high profile role, and the investment required is substantially higher than this.

I will need to have a chat with you to find out about your situation, goals and budget to be able to advise you about the most suitable package of services for your needs, and the fees involved. 


please Book in a no obligation call if you’d like to discuss your requirements



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